What type of restaurants will you be delivering from?

 We will be delivering from a selection of restaurants offering various types of foods such as: American, Chinese, Mexican, Jamaican, Indian, Soul Food, Seafood and BBQ. 

What is the delivery fee? 

Our standard delivery fee starts at $5.99 based on the distance between you and your chosen restaurant(s).

     Is there a minimum amount of order for delivery? 

  Minimum orders are required for most delivery orders. The amount must be met before tax and delivery charge is applied.

     What forms of payment will be accepted? 

 The Chow Wagon accepts Mastercard, Discover, Visa and American Express, and debit Checkcards for payments. (Note: For the safety of Our Drivers,they will not carry extra to make change).


     Will the Chow Wagon drivers be able to accept tips? 

 Yes, the drivers are able to accept tips. If you are happy with the service we encourage you to show your appreciation in the form of a monetary tip, you will be   able tip the driver online or at the time of delivery in cash or on their mobile device. 

     Does the Chow Wagon provide catering services?

      The Chow Wagon is a delivery service and we do make special delivery orders upon request. For more information on special delivery orders please     email: